Buyers Agent


A Buyer’s Agent:

  • Specializes in the home buying process
  • Represents the Homebuyer – not the seller
  • Is required by law to get the best price and terms for the homebuyer
  • Has a legal and ethical obligation to put a Homebuyer’s interests first
  • Arranges home tours and accompanies the Homebuyer
  • On showings, is paid a commission by the Listing Agent, not the Homebuyer.


Our Buyer’s Agents survey the housing market daily to stay informed about local market trends. Being “market savvy” has proven to give us a better position when negotiating a sale. The more we know about the property’s selling points, the area, and the market trends, the more confident we are when presenting our offer.

We will work closely with you to find a home that meets both your lifestyle and your budget. In addition to conducting MLS searches daily on your behalf, we will also give you the ability to search the same database Realtors use. Access to this database enables you to view all the new listings that fall within your criteria before anyone else!

Any listings that meet your individual needs will be pre-screened so that when we take you on a tour of homes, you will only be viewing properties that fall within your price range and requirements. Why waste your time looking at houses you would never be interested in buying?