Cedar is located south of Nanaimo. It’s a rural area with acreages and farms yet offers a wide array of craft shops and cottage industries. It provides all the pleasures of country living and close to the Nanaimo Airport YCD.


Tranquil and picturesque countryside lakes, ocean front, and the renowned Crow and Gate British Pub.


Close by thrill seekers can experience Bungy Jumping at Wild Play Element Park.


Cable Bay is a must-see for the mid-Island explorer, especially if you walk the extra kilometer to Dodd Narrows — the site of a powerful tidal current. You can sit on the moss here and watch boats as they are carried through the rocky channel. There is a lot of sandstone “beach” to explore here, especially at lower tides. It’s good to see Mudge Island so close, across the narrows from this beach and Gabriola Island to the left, then Protection Island, then Duke Point and the Harmac pulp mill.


Hemer Provincial Park is located on Holden Lake south of Nanaimo. This forested park is popular with local residents, who come here to explore the extensive trail system and the marsh area which is a favorite destination for bird watchers and ornithologists. Cedar has its own Elementary and Secondary Schools and offers a contrasting lifestyle to that of the city.