Central Nanaimo

Also known as the hospital district Central Nanaimo is conveniently located and is central to all that Nanaimo has to offer.

Beban Park sports complex is located here with Pitch ‘n Put Golf, Tennis Courts, Swimming Pool and Ice Rinks.

The best kids’ playground in Nanaimo, Soccer Fields and the Fair Grounds that host the VIEX are all centrally and conveniently located in this one location.

The SPCA, Tim Hortons and St. John’s Ambulance Training Centre are also close by.


Nanaimo Homes

This is a neighbourhood settled mostly in the 1970’s and 80’s. There are a lot of mature trees, and while many houses are the standard box form, there are also funkier homes around Rosstown Rd. This area’s also in the middle of almost everything.

The Rosstown Road neighbourhood is a common favourite for families, because its location is convenient to most things in the city, only a ten minute drive to downtown even less to the biggest malls. It’s also close to Beban Park, a sports complex with the best kid’s playground in Nanaimo.

Rosstown Road is southwest of Country Club mall, south of Labieux Rd.

This area is also home to a Co-op gas bar, SPCA, and a St John’s Ambulance training centre.

There several medical facilities and urgent care clinics in and around this area.



  • Brechin Elementary – 510 Millstone Ave., Nanaimo V9S 5A9 – 250 754-7523; fax: 250 754-8314, Principal Diane Goodman, Secretary Lynn Hughes; Kindergarten to Grade 7: 168 students
  • Cilaire Elementary – 25 Cilaire Drive, Nanaimo V9S 3C9 – 250 758-7941; fax: 250 751-8840, Principal Mike Ireland, Secretary Darlene Ludvigson; Kindergarten to Grade 7: 205 students
  • Coal Tyee Elementary – 2280 Sun Valley Dr., Nanaimo V9T 6P1 – 250 729-0450; fax: 250 729-0460, Principal Robbie Dhillon,Secretary Jill Williamson; Kindergarten to Grade 7: 317 students
  • Forest Park Elementary – 2050 Latimer Rd., Nanaimo V9S 2W5 – 250 758-6892; fax: 250 758-2373, Principal Jacquie Poulin, Secretary Brenda Robinson; Kindergarten to Grade 7: 280 students


  • Woodlands Secondary – 1270 Strathmore St., Nanaimo V9S 2L9 – 250 753-2271; fax: 250 753-5429, Principal Dave Stupich, Vice-Principals Derek Beeston and Theresa Watson, Secretary Debra Sywak; Grades 8 to 12: 701 students

French Immersion:

  • Ecole Quarterway Elementary School – 1632 Bowen Rd., Nanaimo V9S 1G6 – 250 754-6845; fax: 250 754-6871, Principal Peter Hewitt, Vice-Principal Margaret Yung, Secretary Barb Hickson; Kindergarten to Grade 7 (Dual track – English and French Immersion): 386 students